[lalalees co.,ltd]Passet body gold & silver tatoo


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Released a brand new item for body tattoo over the world.
These stickers are made of state -of- the -art both printing technology. so it last with long maintenance.
Applied a quality German glue for harmless body tattoo, Passet Body Gold & Silver Tattoo, it does not gives an irritation to the skin, which gives brilliant style in the foil type of tattoo compared to other common tattoo brands.
Passet Body Gold & Silver Tattoo delivers the best style in quality material, selected only the design of images for your body decoration with golden and silver reflecting effect such as various images, wrist, ankle and neck.
2. Information
1) quantity:13g
2) material: transfer paper
3) period of use: No matter with date.
4) How to use
- refer to our below page.
5) Manufacturer: lalalee's co., ltd
6) origin: korea
7) Ingredients: transfer paper for tatto.
8) caution:
- please stop to use when you feel the irritation like skin abnormalities.
- please do not use except decorating body.
-It shouldn't be there within reach of children just in case .
9) Warranty
- if you received the faulty products , please contact us immediately with the pictures and vedio of
the faulty product.
- In the event of the receiving the faulty products, you can refund, exchange.
10)contact number: 82-53-422-4393

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Passet body gold & silver tatoo

It is made of state -of-the -art both printing technology, It is better quality in view of maintence and shine. We are extremely sure you can't experience.


[lalalees co.,ltd]Passet body gold & silver tatoo


[lalalees co.,ltd]Passet body gold & silver tatoo



[lalalees co.,ltd]Passet body gold & silver tatoo

[lalalees co.,ltd]Passet body gold & silver tatoo

[How to use]

Caution: Don't wear any lotion and oil on your skin before putting on tattoo. If you do to do so, please just wash where you wear.

1. Cut the sticker what you want.

2. Remove the film on the sticker.

3.  Wear on the body where you want

4. Tap the watered cotten or tissue  on the paper

5. Remove the paper.

6. Just dry 1~2 min.

That's it.




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