[SSANG GYE TEA] King's Korean Tea Royal Tea Set


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The Korean tea set is made by using beneficial ingredients to the modern with “the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty” and “the Diaries of the Royal Secretariat” based.

* Product Name: King's Korean Tea Royal Tea Set
* Product Type: Leached tea
* Specification: Total 41.5g
-Success Premonition & Heauso tea-13g(1.3gX10TB)/ Fructus Aurantii  25%(Korea), Burdock 25%(Korea), Spread      roots 20%(Korea), Cassia seed(Korea), Liquorice(China).    
-Sanghwang Pine Needles Tea-13g(1.3gX10TB)/Sanghwang pine needles 10%(Korea), Pine needles 50%  (Korea),Green tea(Korea),fry brown rice(Korea).                 
-Tea for dust- 13g(1.3gX10TB)/Bellflower root 20%(Korea), Deodeok 20%(Korea), Liquorice (China),Astragalus  membranaceus (Korea), mint (Korea).          
- Cornus officinalis & Oriental raisin tree Tea for Men-13g(1.3gX10TB) /Cornus officinalis 20%(Korea), Oriental raisin tree  20%(Korea), Orange peel (Korea), purple perilla leaves (Korea), Liquorice (China).        
-Mistletoe Tea-
13g(1.3gX10TB)/ Mistletoe 30%(Korea), Pine needles(Korea), Dandelion(Korea), Sanghwang  Mushroom (Korea), Hydrangea(Korea).      
-Clean Circle Jerusalem artichoke Tea-13g(1.3gX10TB)/Jerusalem artichoke 50%(Korea),Tangerine peel(Korea), Fermented tea(green tea leaves/Korea), Hydrangea leaves(Korea),  Hazlet scent(synthetic  perfume).          
-Clear world Cassia seed & Chrysanthemum Tea-13g(1.3gX10TB)/ Chrysanthemum 40%(Korea), Cassia seed 30%  (Korea), fermented tea(green tea leaves/Korea), wolfberry fruit (Korea), Hydrangea (Korea).    
-Quince Wild Pear Tea
-13g(1.3gX10TB)/Quince 27.91%(Korea), Wild pear 26.25%(Korea) , Fermented tea(green tea    leaves/Korea),  Hydrangea (Korea), Ginger(Korea), Refined sugar, Peach incense(synthetic  perfume).
* Material of package:polyethylene
* Production Date: Please refer to the package. Because the products have been produced all of years, so production date will be different.(Shelf life: 2 years)
* Manufacture: SSANG GYE TEA ( Yonggung-gil 64, Hwagae-gu, Hadong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, Korea)
* Sales Place: SSANG GYE TEA (16-1, Seocho-daero 25gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea)
* The item was produced in same equipment with buckwheat tea.

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