[CHRIOLOGY] CHRIOLOGY Moisturizing Body Lotion


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- Volume/weight : 300ml
- Expiration date : Mar 2017
- Directions : Apply softly on dry area.
- Caution : Do not use on scars, eczema, or dermitis area.
- Food and Drug Administration review required : None(It is not functional cosmetic)
- Country of manufacture : Republic of Korea
- Manufacturer : Beewon FC
- Main specifications : body lotion
- Main ingredient : LX-Peptide 16, horse oil, rosa davurica sprout extract, Korean Dendropanax extract
- Quality assurance standards : Quality assurance standard: 100% exchange and refund for product defects. ISO9001, ISO14001


Moisturizing body lotion that fills up your skin with collagen and horse oil.
Keeps dry and damaged area moisturized and healthy for long time.

[LX-peptide16 for skin elasticity]
Patented technology of Chriology, LX-Peptide 16, vitalizes the collagen formation, and maintains collagen in the skin layer for long time.(Patent No. 1010360540000)

[Nourishment and shine at once~ Natural herb extract contents]
Highly enriched natural herb nourishments fills up your skin to relive sensitive and rough skin, and creates soft and healthy skin.

[Horse oil content for moisture feeling]
Horse oil that has most similar tissue with skin has high dermatotropic, moisturizing, and penetrating power.

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