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- Volume/weight : 150ml
- Expiration date : Jun 28, 2017
- Directions : Massage on muscles that are mainly used during exercise or areas that feel uncomfortable.
- Caution : Do not use on scars, eczema, or dermitis area.
- Food and Drug Administration review required : None(It is not functional cosmetic)
- Country of manufacture : Republic of Korea
- Manufacturer : KOLMAR Korea
- Main specifications : Massage gel for sports
- Main ingredient : camomile, Noni extract, arnica flower extract, piper methysticum
- Quality assurance standards : Quality assurance standard: 100% exchange and refund for product defects. ISO9001, ISO14001


To prepare the best physical fitness for race!
Performance-Up Sports Gel relieves tension and helps you to surpass your limitation more rapidly through quick warming up.
It relaxes the tense muscles and helps you to maintain light and the best condition.

[Quick warming-up and maintains the best condition]
Chriology relieves tensed muscles comfortably and helps quick warming-up. Energy Up by lowering tension and improving flexibility and balance! Power Up! You can prepare for games more effectively in short period of time and helps you to maintain the best condition until the very last moment of games.

[Exercise and recovery at the same time]
It increases concentration by rapidly recovering cramps, tingling, or knotted muscles quickly, and refreshes your body right after the game.

[Quick absorption! No sticky feeling!]
Camomile, Noni, arnica flower, piper methysticum, and various plant nutrient components recover tired body from exercise and skin health, and water-base water-soluble gel is not sticky when it is applied on sweaty area and gets absorbed quickly. And it minimized irritation that can get in the way during exercise with refreshing aroma.

Balance UP! Relieves tension! Prevents injury! Recovery UP!

[NO harmful ingredients to the human body]
No mineral oil, benzophenone, triclosan, artificial pigment, or sulfate materials

-Recommend for...
1. Those who want to relieve tension and quick warm-up before exercise.
2. Those who are suffering from cramp, tingling feeling, or tensed muscle.
3. Those who need to cool down and refresh after exercise.
4. Those who want to relieve muscle fatigue and heat sensation from high-intensity training.

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