[Wellbeing Korea Inc.] Dowoomi Multi-use Back Massager, Korean-made, Reversible, Knead/Tap-combined, wb-2200


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- Model: wb-2200

- Color of the center part : Black, Outer surface material : Synthetic leather with Mesh fabric

- Size (in Packing) : 20 x 9 x 27 (inches) , Weight: 7.5kg

- Country of manufacture: Republic of Korea; manufactured by Wellbeing Korea Inc.

- Requirements for confirmation/authorization by law: Electrical Appliances Safety Certificate
- Reversible use; Dual-use of knead/tap; Foot-Massaging possible; 8 separate moving massage knob; powerful striking feel

*** Gold Plus is nearly same as Gold Pro, except surface cover material and the center part color ; with a little expensive ‘snake leather’ in dark brown color, smarter & more durable than Gold Pro (with mesh-fabric in black color).

Helpful in Refreshing accumulated Fatigue to everybody!

[Superior Points]
Integrated function of kneading and tapping
Able to use upside down - Suitable for lumbar
Superb neck-kneading function by ‘fastening
/tightening/rotating’ - Useful to preventing
/not worsening Forward Head(Turtle neck)
Powerful striking feel - Extraordinary effect on
part-massage of foot-sole, calves, belly-fat, hip, superior to air-compressing big massage-
chairs/monotonous kneading-only massagers
32 kinds of massage rhythm by separate-
moving 2 kneading Tools and 6 tapping tools !
Able to massage almost-all body parts
– Neck, shoulder, back, waist, lumbar,
abdomen, thigh, calves, foot-sole etc.
Various Applications – chair, floor, sofa etc.
Easy to carry Anywhere – Home, Office,
Tour place

After sporting/working/climbing/exercising/dancing/boarding-airplane etc., massaging by human is best to blood-circulation/fatigue-refresh but has time-based/financial bindings. Consequently massager-markets are grown greatly nowadays.
With worldwide portability/uniqueness/better performance-to-price, through simultaneous kneading /tapping massaging very similar to human-hand massaging to desired body-position, ours will be contributed to world-people’s health-control providing a ‘cheap/good instrument’.
(Big massage-chairs are wholly good, but ‘intensive massaging to desired position insufficient’ in statistics.)

Different from more than 500 similar kneading-only ones in the world. it’s 100% Korean-made inexpensive multi-purpose massager with 8 separate moving massage knobs/motors, added Comfortable ‘Kneading function’ to powerful ‘Tapping function’ and ‘Reversible using/Foot-massaging function.
Squeezing/rotating neck-massaging relaxes smart-phone users’ turtleneck stress and extraordinary effect on part-massage of calves/foot-sole/hip due to powerful striking is superior to those of air-compressing big massage-chairs/monotonous kneading-only massagers.
Ours were approved as ‘exportable item’ from KOTRA, SBC, etc. ; introduced as ‘an Excellent Goods’ on 3 TV's, nominated as an ‘International Organization Procurement’ item, a ‘Sale-item’ on Tax-free shops/LA Exhibit/Sale shop/Pyeongchang Olympic Gwangwon Products Mall, a ‘show-up Item’ at Qingdao Korean Hall, and acquired ‘CE-Cert., RoHS-Cert. & FCC-Cert., Hi-Seuoul Award Cert. etc. Lately introduced on Arirang TV to 188 countries, and exported 470 pcs. to China even producing hundreds of Massagers.

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 [Composite Video (Hi Seoul+Arirang TV+1min. CF+Seoul Economy TV+MBN TV+Hankuk Economy TV)] (08:51) 


*** Lately, acquired European CE-certificate RoHS-Certificate & US FCC-certificate.

You will know its superiority when you experience ‘DOWOOMI(=Helper) Knead/Tap’ yourself comparing with others at the same time. More relaxing & comfortable!                                       

 With 8 separate moving massage knobs, added Comfortable ‘Kneading function’ to powerful ‘Human hand-tapping function’ and Reversible using function, Its the ‘Massage-chair-class small-size Massager’ using 100% high quality Korean-made parts, inexpensive  & convenient and multi-useful!

Possible to use semi-permanently with its flexibility and demobilization feature, it is a very innovative and extraordinary high-quality product, among hundreds of similar ones throughout the world small-size massager markets.


      [Comprehensive Introduction on a Singapore Buyer’s Webpage]

Experience our Korean full body Massager!

Feel totally relaxed. Sleep well. Remove muscular aches and pains. It’s a new kind of massager you've never experienced before!

1) Other than a high-end massage chair, can any other massager do a full body massage?
Other similar-looking massager massages only the back. This massager massages you from head to toes, including all parts of your head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, buttocks, thighs, knees, calves, heels, soles and toes!
It’s the ONLY massager you need. Try it and you will love it!

2) Unlike other massagers in the market including popular brands, this massager uses a totally different technology. Other massagers use 1 or a few motors grouped into a track that moves up and down the spine. This massager uses SEVEN INDENPENDENT MOTORS. Each motor moves individually. Benefits? There are so many. For e.g. You can target all parts of your body and not just your back.

3) A massager is all about motors. A massager is only as good as its motors. The more motors the better.
And not only that. What types of motors are used? Most back massagers use a motor(s) that moves up and down the spine. They are designed this way to save cost. Instead of using many motors, you just need one motor that moves up and down. Problem with this design is that since the motor(s) are placed on a moveable track, it is limited in function. For e.g. It can only roll or vibrate. This kind of motor has 2 problems. Rolling up and down the spine is very painful for many users. This pain is unnecessary. It doesn't relieve the muscle aches, just pressing on your nerves. Secondly, just rolling and vibrating doesn't penetrate deep into the muscle tissues. It's just scratching the surface. In fact, you will probably experience skin irritation more than muscle relaxation.
Our 7 motors are independent housed in 7 different housings. This is more expensive to make but the effect is totally different. Due to this design, each of the motor is powerful enough to deliver the relaxation needed to penetrate deep into muscle tissue. Experience for yourself and you will know the difference.
Finally, the motors are not just rolling and vibrating. They are true tapping motors. Once again, you will feel the difference.

4) When you buy a massager from a shop, you try it out for a few minutes. Then you bring home and use for a few days. You feel good. But after a while, you feel bored. You chuck the massager aside and it becomes a white elephant taking up a lot of space.
This is partly due to Point 1 & 2 above. Due to the limited number of motors and type of motors used, there is a limited variation in programming possibilities. This means the motors will only massage you in a few fixed ways and become monotonous very quickly. One of the reason why a human touch is so good is because it is not monotonous. So monotony plays a very major part in your enjoyment.
Since our massagers have 7 independent motors and the motors are different types of motors from others, the programming possibilities are much more. This means that you can experience different massages and don't get tired of the massages even using it for a long time.
Our massager is designed for you to use everyday and not feel bored due to our superior technology and programming.

5) Featured in many Korean TV programs including Arirang TV and selected as an innovative product.

A A full massage is best for relaxing and relieving bodily aches and pains. The best full body massage is human hand massage and a high-end full body massage chair. Unfortunately, due to time and money constraints, it is not possible to have a human full body massage every day. As for a good full body massage chair, it is very costly and takes up a lot of space.Another problem with massage chair is that, you can't shift the motors to target a particular problem area Our Made in Korea Full Body Massager is the best choice. It’s affordable, space spacing and can easily target all parts of your body!


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