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1-1. Food Type: Health Functional Food

1-2. Manufacturer and address, If imported, indicate the importer as well: Nature Pure Korea/Jeonnam Damyang-gun Damyang-eup Eco Road 61

1-3. Date of production, Expiry date:*Multi-Vitamin Care Date of production:2015-08-03 / Best before:2017-08-04

1-4. Contents(Weight)Per Package, Quantity:1,200 mg X 60 Tablets(72 g) / 1,200mg x 30Tablets (36g)

1-5. Original Ingredients and Amount (Labelling requirements according to the Health Functional Food Act):VitaminC(L-Ascorbic acid), VitaminE Mixture(DL-α-Tocopherol Acetate 50 %), Nicotinic Acid Amide Powder(Nicotinic Acid Amide 33.3 %), VitaminB6 Hydrochloride Mixture (VitaminB6 Hydrochloride 33.3 %), Zinc Oxide, VitaminB1 Mixture (VitaminB1 Nitrate 33.3 %), VitaminB2 Mixture (VitaminB2 33.3 %), Calcium Pantothenate, 0.25%), VitaminA Mixture (VitaminA Acetate 12 %), Manganese Sulfate, VitaminD3 Mixture(VitaminD3 0.25%), Folic Acid, Crystalized(Powder)Glucose, D-Sorbitol, Xylitol, Strawberry Flavor Powder(Synthetic Food Flavor), Magnesium Stearate, Strawberry Flavor Powder, Enzymatically Modified Stevia, Dry Yeast (Selenium0.2%, Product of the USA), Citric Acid, Organic Fruit Mix Powder [Organic Strawberry Powder(Organic Strawberry Puree 70%(Product of Korea),Organic Maltodextrin30%)45%,OrganicBlueberryPowder(OrganicBlueberry40%(Product of Korea),Organic Maltodextrin60%)25%,Organic Orange Powder(Organic Orange Extract 46%(Product of Turkey),Organic Maltodextrin54%)20%,Organic Grape Powder Organic Grape Extract 46(Product of Turkey)%,Organic Maltodextrin 54%)10%], Organic Vegetable Mix Powder[Organic Carrot Powder(Organic Carrot Extract 45%(Product of Turkey),Organic Maltodextrin 55%)40%, Organic Green Tea (Product of Korea)40%, Organic Vegetable Mix (Organic:Kale16%, Angelica Utilis 16%, Carrot15%, Cabbage13%, Onion10%, Broccoli5% ,Spinach5%, Chicory5%, Dachae5%, Bokchoy5%, Crown Daisy2.5%, Water Parsley2.5%)20%]0.03%, Berry Mix Extract Powder

*Packaging Material: Container (Polyethylene/PE), Lid(Polypropylene/PP)

1-6. Nutritional facts:Calories5Kcal, Carbohydrate 1g(0.3g)
VitaminA 230 ㎍RE(33%), VitaminB1 1mg(83%), VitaminB2 1.2mg(86%), VitaminB6 1.5 mg(100%), VitaminC 30mg(30%), VitaminD 2.3㎍(46%), VitaminE 3.5mgα-TE(32%), Niacin 4.5mgNE (30%), Pantothenate 3.1mg(62%), Folic Acid 256㎍(64%), Zinc 3.6mg(42%), Manganese 0.9mg(30%)

※Numbers in ( ) indicate Percent Daily Value

1-7. Functional Information: VitaminA: Necessary for night vision. VitaminB1: Necessary for carbohydrate and energy metabolism. VitaminB5/Niacin: Necessary for in-body energy formation. VitaminB6: Necessary for use of protein and amino acid. VitaminC/E/Manganese: Necessary for cell protection against harmful oxygen. Pantothenate: Necessary for fat, carbohydrate, and protein metabolism and energy formation. Folic Acid: Necessary for blood and cell formation. VitaminD: Reduces the chance of osteoporosis. Zinc: Necessary for normal immunity.

1-8. Note for dosage and method of intake: once a day, one tablet per dosage, take with sufficient water / Side effects may occur when excessively taken. Consult a doctor before intake if you are allergic to certain ingredient, under medical treatment, or on medication. Do not take products that have passed expiry date.

1-9. Indication that this is not medicine for prevention or treatment of a disease: This product is not a medication for prevention or treatment of a disease.

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