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1-1. Food Type: Health Functional Food

1-2. Manufacturer and address, If imported, indicate the importer as well: Nature Pure Korea/Jeonnam Damyang-gun Damyang-eup Eco Road 61

1-3. Date of production, Expiry date:Date of production:2014-09-03/Best before:2016-09-02

1-4. Contents (Weight) Per Package, Quantity:250 mg x 300 Tablets (75 g)

1-5. Original Ingredients and Amount (Labelling requirements according to the Health Functional Food Act):* Original Ingredients and Amount: Dry Yeast (Zinc 5%, Product of Estonia)2.2%, Dry Beer Yeast Powder(Product of the USA)96.8%, Seaweed Powder(Calcium32%,Product of France), Stearate
* Package Material: Container (PET), Lid (PP/ Polypropylene)"

1-6. Nutritional facts:※Content Per Daily Dosage:※ Content Per Daily Dosage: Calories 0 kcal, Carbohydrate 0 g(0%), Protein 0 g(0%)
Functional substance: Zinc 2.55 mg(30%)
※Numbers in ( ) indicate Percent Daily Value

1-7. Functional Information:* Nutritional and Functional Information [Total 30-day Supply, Daily Dosage: 10Tablets (2,500 mg)]
Zinc: Necessary for normal immunity and cell division"

1-8. Note for dosage and method of intake: * Daily dosage and instruction: twice a day, take five tablets per dosage with sufficient water
*Note for intake: Side effects may occur when excessively taken. Consult a doctor before intake if you are allergic to certain ingredient, under medical treatment, or on medication. Do not take products that have passed expiry date.

1-9. Indication that this is not medicine for prevention or treatment of a disease: This product is not a medication for prevention or treatment of a disease.

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