[AVEA] Pure Vitamin-C Serum 20%


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* Liposome structure

* Oil soluble licorice

* Purity and stability

* 20% pure vitamin C serum

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1. Liposome structure:

Consists of liposome structure, and this form applies on easily on skin and is well absorbed, making you feel the immediate effects of vitamin C.

Slight stimulation by vitamin C may be sensed upon application, but the sensation disappears after absorption.

Vitamin C in liposome structure is much more effective when compared to products capsulized in polyol.




2. Oil soluble licorice:


This is a new oriental whitening material containing KFDA approved whitening agent oil soluble licorice consisting of natural licorice stem and root,
used as medicinal herb, with ultra purification separation method applied.



3. Purity and stability:

With the optimal content with no crystals, its soft texture and high absorption upgrades the effects of vitamin C.

Also, using clinical cosmetics development knowhow, the contents of vitamin C has been stabilized.




4. 20% pure vitamin C serum


Innovative nano vita liposome method is applied to stabilize the serum,

and sustained release formulation is applied depending on skin type to relieve skin irritation, to keep skin clear and bright.
High levels of aqua moisturizing ingredients have improved the rough or sticky sensation that other vitamin C products have.





No more skin concerns! Avea vitamin C serum will resolve the problems.


1)Dark and dull skin will become beautiful



2)You are concerned about skin troubles?



3)Do you want firm and resilient skin?



4)Invigorate damaged skin!








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