[AVEA] Sun Moisture Multy Mist


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* No white turbidity
* Minimal skin irritation
* Mist-spray with fine particles
* It works as makeup fixer
* No stickiness with ample moisturization
* Safe mist container gas charging required no

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Characteristics of the product:
1. Convenient sunscreen for all seasons year-round
AVEA Sun Moisture Multi Mist can be used over makeup conveniently as sunscreen.

Easy and fast sun protection over a large part of areas from face to body
Protect your skin from ultraviolet rays everywhere around the clock.


2. No white turbidity with minimal skin irritation.
AVEA Sun Moisture Multi Mist can be sprayed finely without creating any white turbidity.
Minimal skin irritation.


3. Light and fresh without stickiness
AVEA Sun Moisture Multi Mist that is sprayed finely and softly helps moisturize dry skin.
It keeps your skin moist yet fresh even during hot sweaty summer seasons.


4. It is safe to use on children.
All family members, young and old, can use the low-irritant and fresh sunscreen spray.
It can be used on both the face and the body.


5. It works great as makeup fixer.
The spray can be used over makeup with its fine particles.
It works as makeup fixer by softly setting on the skin.


6. Safe mist-spray container which requires no gas charging.
Non-canned spray which eliminates risk of fire.
Mist-spray with a nozzle.












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