[TOBAGI] Sansam Minjok Wild Ginseng with Free wrapping


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* Composition: 1 box (1 set) contains 30 pouches1 box (1 set) contains 30 pouches
* Contents: Wild cultivated ginseng 70% + Water 30%Wild cultivated ginseng 70% + Water 30%
* One pouch contains 2 ginseng roots
* Wild ginseng certified by KFPI for its safety and quality on 5 years or older roots * Features : Suppresses metastatic cancer cell, clears the view, protects energy, prevents dementia, etc
* Volume/weight : 1 set: 30 packs of 100ml
* Caution : Take 2~3 packs a day in morning and before bed
* Import declaration according to Food Sanitation Law : No
* Type of food : Wild cultivated ginseng juice
* Nutrition facts : saponin, phytoncide, polyacetylene, phenol, vitamin, etc

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[TOBAGI] Sansam Minjok Wild Ginseng with Free wrapping



Hallyu wholesome nutritional food/Wild ginseng cultivated in unspoiled nature/Ginseng certified by national agecies in Korea/ 100% Wild Cultivated Ginseng/Packed wild ginseng resin with great care/Good quality for its price/High nutritional contents and efficacy/Contains more than 2 wild ginsengs per pack/ Feel healthy and happiness through wild ginseng from children to adults.



[TOBAGI] Sansam Minjok Wild Ginseng with Free wrapping
* Ingredients/contents : 70/30 wild cultivated ginseng+water, Gangwon-do, Chuncheoon-si
* GM foods : No
* Manufacturer : Tobaki
* The product is not intented to prevent or cure any disease. : No
* Display advertising prior examination : No

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