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* Model: KINI MINI MAT; Vanilla
* Volume/weight: 35*80*4(Cm)/ 1kg
* Materials : High density compressed Eco-friendly non cross linked PE foam, Eco-friendly high quality PU made in Korea
* Handling precautions : The product is not heat-resistant. Keep out of reach of children
* Quality assurance standards : 1 month after the date of purchase


KINI MINI MAT is a portable two-step mini mat that is useful for children anywhere you go.
- It is a good product to use when changing diapers, for children to take a nap on, or as a tall children’s chair
Both the parents and children will love the mini mate.
* Once folded, the mat will be 8 cm tall bringing your baby’s eye level up during the mealtime!
* As long as there is a place to lean on, the product can change into a children’s chair within three second!!
* Change the diaper on a clean place!
* Prevent turtle neck syndrome and a bent back with the chair!
* It can be stool for your child to eat snacks and read books.
* If you put in on a cart during grocery shopping, it won’t hurt your child’s hips.

Advantages of KidsOn’s Advantages
- First! No harmful substance
Only genuine eco-friendly materials were used.
- Second! No stinking smell
There is no need to feel icky or ventilate.
- Third! There are no artificial additives were used for interior materials. (100% eco-friendly materials)
Unlike cross linked foams that use chemicals, non-cross linked foams do not use any chemicals
It is a product you can trust and was approved by the national certificate authorities including KC Mark, SGS, TUV (Technischen Uberwachungs Vereine)
* If the surface of the mat is uneven:
KidsOn Products use eco-friendly non-cross linked PE foam. Therefore a shape of wave pattern exists.
This is the characteristic of eco-friendly non-cross linked PE foam. Once you start using the mat, it will evenly spread.
Warranty: 30 days of receipt
You can receive warranty service for faulty sewing, zipper, backstitch, and appearance. The customer will be charged for shipping and handling. (including the warranty period)
Even during the warranty period, the product cannot be exchanged or returned after the designated date.


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