[I-MERCURY] Sapphire EDGE Security System (Blackbox)


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"SAPPHIRE" supports highest hardware specification.

- Front channel : Ful HD resolution (1920X1080)
- Rear channel : HD resolution. (1270X720)
- 3.5 inch LCD touch screen with wide view angle
- High performance Full HD sensor
- Cortex A5 single core 800 Mhz high speed CPU
- GPS option port

Much smarter! It’s easy to use! Powerful software performance

- Voice announcement
- Supports motion detection function in Parking mode
- Considerate and easy GUI for user
- PIP function in 3.5 LCD display
- Plays stored video data on device
- ZOOM function
- Supports specialized viewer software
- Intelligent memory management
- Fast boot function using LINUX OS

'IMERUCRY focused on stability of “SAPPHIRE”

- Stable file system
- Use of MLC type genuine SD card
- Low power architecture
- High price super capacitor component for power protection
- Prevent battery discharge function.
- System shut off at high temperatures
- Dual save protection function
- Various alarms.

Revolutionary design for user

- Luxury design with transparent stand
- SAPPHIRE uses 3pcs of high quality metal cover
- Considerate design for vehicle and human
- Small and slim design of rear channel camera
- Security LED




Model name:  Sapphire 2
Size/Weight:  107(W)mm × 35.8(D)mm × 71(H)mm / 135g
Display panel:  3.5inch Touch LCD (480 × 320)
Capacity:  Micro SD card (32GB)
Recording mode:  Continuous recording / Continuous and event recording
  Park mode recording (Front and rear motion detect)
Image sensor:  Front Camera : Pixelplus FHD CMOS Sensor
  Rear Camera : Pixelplus HD CMOS Sensor
Viewing angle:  Front FHD : Opposite 134 / Horizontal 113 / Vertical 60 degree
  Rear HD : Opposite 130 / Horizontal 103 / Vertical 60 degree
Resolution:  Front : FHD (1920 X 1080) / Rear : HD (1280 × 720)
Frame per second:  Front : 25fps (FULL HD) / Rear : 15fps (HD)
  Front : 30fps (FHD) Front only(1CH)
Compression method:  H. 264 / PCM
Acceleration sensor:  Support for a 3-axis acceleration sensor
Input power:  Support for 12V~24V
GPS:  Support for an external GPS port (Option)
Current consumption:  Power consumption : Max.4.5W
Working/Preservation temperature:  -10℃~ +60℃ / -20℃~ +70℃
SD format Function:  Support (for the formatting of the device's specific SD card)
Backup battery:  Super cap (5.4v/5F) embedded
Firmware update method:  Support for the SD card updating
High temperature protection:  Embedded (LCD off in high temperatures)
Low voltage cutoff while in the parking mode:  Embedded (Can set the cutoff voltage)

Highest hardware specification.

SAPPHIRE is 2 channel DVR with highest hardware specifications that records front and rear images at the same time!

Front : Full HD resolution (1280X720)

Rear : HD resolution (1270X720)

Resolution of Full HD image is 4 times bigger than HD image. Both front and rear channels support high quality image. Higher resolution image helps to analyze image more accurately.

High visibility 3.5” wide view angle LCD touch screen

3.5” big LCD touch screen is used for bigger convenience. It allows users to start and control various functions of device easily. All recorded files can be played via 3.5” high quality wide view angle LCD. High visibility Wide view angle LCD Panel 480x320 resolution LCD screen for sharp and clear video playback.

Full HD Aptina image sensor and High quality Lenz

IMERCURY SAPPHIRE Blackbox uses Aptina 5.0 Mega pixel CMOS image sensor use 1/4” optical format and 1.4um * 1.4um pixel size. Support of digital image processing is possible by using  ISP (image signal processing) function like Anti shake support, Automatic image correction and enhancement of SOC(System on chip) type system chip. So it can take clear images at superior low light performance. 

SAPPHIRE also use High quality Lenz that F=2.0 and wide angle range support 150 degree full glass type.  It's light lenz, So night recording image has good quality.

High performance Cortex A5 Core 800Mhz CPU

Cortex A5 Core 800Mhz CPU embedded in IMERCURY SAPPHIRE Blackbox has high efficiency by low power architecture design and powerful multitasking function by high speed CPU core. A lot of smart phone and tablet devices use this CPU. This powerful CPU can support clear environment in various function while record high quality video.

Powerful multitasking function enable record 30frame each 2 channel video with executing various function like motion detect by image processing and GPS data handling and Touch control and LCD display and G sensor data handling.

Support external GPS function.

SAPPHIRE supports external GPS. If GPS is connected it adds additional information like speed and location to image. Using IMERCURY Viewer, user can check vehicle's driving speed and location on Google MAP

Much smarter! It’s easy to USE! Powerful Software performance!

Voice announcement function.

SAPPHIRE Black box has built-in voice announcement function that announces about changes in device. It has 14 different announcements like change of recording mode, status of SD memory card, system errors and so on.

Support Motion detect function in parking mode.

SAPPHIRE Blackbox can detect ignition status of vehicle. When ignition is OFF device automatically shift to park recording mode from continuous recording mode. In parking recording mode it record 20sec video when it detect motion change by image processing technology. User can use SD card storage space efficiently using motion detect function. Device can detect motion both front and rear channel. SAPPHIRE Blackbox contain power detect function and prevent discharge battery function. so user can use motion detect function when parking mode without any extra charge.

3.5 inch big LCD screen show front and rear video at the same time

Some of device can play only one real time recording video channel. But SAPPHIRE Blackbox can show front and rear channel in one screen at the same time by using PIP (picture in picture) function. It’s very useful when check around environment of vehicle. User can shift PIP screen by simple touch. It can easily shift showing front and rear channel and both channel.

Considerate and easy GUI for user

SAPPHIRE Blackbox support easy GUI for users. It’s icon is big and easy to touch. GUI structure is very convenient for user. User can easily start the play mode and set various parameter of blackbox.

User can check recorded video in the vehicle when it is necessary

SAPPHIRE Black box can easily play recorded videos via 3.5” wide LCD display. Normal mode, parking mode, event mode and manually recorded files can be played on device. So there is no need to take out SD card and connect it to PC.

ZOOM function can enlarge important parts of image.

SAPPHIRE black box supports Zoom function during recorded video playback. This function can be very useful when investigating an accident. It is possible to enlarge image 5 times bigger during PAUSE mode.

IMERCURY genuine viewer for user convenience

Stored images can be played with ordinary AV player. But our unique player can play both channel videos at the same time, analyze video, categorize and sort recorded videos and many more. User can also check location, speed and movement of the vehicle in Google map if external GPS is used.

Special feature of IMERCURY viewer

- Supports reverse screen

- Zoom function for better analyze 

- Adjustable playback speed

- Adjustable brightness

Fast booting thanks to LINUX OS

LINUX Operating system confirmed stability. Booting time depends not only on hardware but also on software. Only stabilized and optimized OS software can make fast booting possible. It takes only 10 seconds for SAPPHIRE black box to boot.

Various Alarms

- Alarm if any video was recorded during parking mode.

When ignition is ON, device notifies a user if any video was recorded during parking mode. User can check all recorded video instantly.

- Format alarm that helps to improve usage of SD memory card.

SD memory card can perform more stable if user formats it regularly. Long usage without formatting can create bad sectors. SAPPHIRE black box twice a month notifies a user to perform a format of SD card to make it more stable and reliable.

Optimized Safety! Best Blackbox ever!

Most stable file system software combined with MLC type SD memory card for best stability.

Main difference of sable and non stable blackbox device is SD card quality and file system software

- SAPPHIRE use MLC type certified genuine SD card. MLC type SD card has 2-3 times longer lifespan compared to TLC type. Also stable file system software that has unique and qualified technology of IMERCURY is embedded.

- SAPPHIRE embedded stable filesystem software having unique and qualified technology of IMERCURY

- SAPPHIRE supports internal SD card format function. User can easily format SD memory card in the vehicle.

Low power consumption circuit design

SAPPHIRE black box consumes only 4.5 W of power while recording Full HD high resolution front channel and HD resolution rear channel videos at the same time. This kind of low power consumption design makes the system more stable and also reduces excess usage of vehicle’s battery.

Use Super capacitor for power protection.

SAPPHIRE can save last image at unexpected emergency power block environment. Super capacitor make possible this function. Compare than L-ion L-Polimer battery, Super capacitor have more stability and more lifetime. it's expensive component deserve to use in frequent charging and discharging condition.

Prevent battery discharge function will protect vehicle’s battery discharge

IMERCURY SAPPHIRE Blackbox can record motion detect video when it powered from vehicle’s battery directly. When ignition is OFF device automatically shift to park recording mode from continuous recording mode. In parking recording mode it record 20sec video when it detect motion change by image processing technology. In this parking recording mode, it could discharge vehicle battery. But Prevent battery discharge function will protect vehicle’s battery discharge by detect voltage of vehicle battery. Also only recording 20sec in parking mode when motion detect can manage SD card storage space efficiently.

High temperature protection function can protect SAPPHIRE itself!

Black box is a very sensitive device for high temperatures. Not reliable devices can be out of order easily during high temperature and fail to return into operational mode later on. SAPPHIRE black box Support High temperature protection function and this function shuts off the system automatically to protect the device when the indoor temperature reaches high temperature (above 80 degrees). When temperature goes down, device reboots automatically and goes back to operational mode.

More safe and more accurate! Dual save structure.

SAPPHIRE Blackbox uses separate MCU chip (Micro controller unit) for dual save function. This function can save 10sec video in normal storage folder and event storage folder at the same time when detect crash. So important moment of a video will be recorded and saved in 2 folders for double safety.

Considerate design for vehicle and human

Beginning of SAPPHIRE design starts from “Understanding of car” Outer fit has to be luxurious to make customer’s vehicle look much better. SAPPHIRE uses real metal subject with hairline in front surface and lens cover parts. That make device more dignified. Also inside fit has to be more convenient for customer to use. Button and LED location, cable port array, stand combine part, color of stand and so on… we considered about user in every possible aspect, to create this amazing design of SAPPHIRE.

My safety protector SECURITY LED

SAPPHIRE Black box has LED display parts in front of device. This LED function is not only good for design but also symbol of “Protection”. If burglar sees this blinking LED light he will think twice before assaulting your car.

User can set LED lighting by 4 kind of way

MODE 1 : LED Light on

MODE 2 : LED light blinks sequentially

MODE 3 : LED light blink randomly

MODE 4 : LED light is off

Transparent color stand.

Color of SAPPHIRE Stand is Transparent. Attach part of stand in car is very important because it’s detail conclude look our outside of vehicle. SAPPHIRE uses transparent color stand and adhesive 3M double side transparent tape for it. It has very good adhesive strength and it’s transparent color is good for design. User can easily change angle of the stand for better viewing angle of recording.

Small and Slim rear camera

Small and slim design of HD resolution rear camera upgrade your interior of car inside. Rear camera can rotate so user can adjust desired angle of rear camera very easily. It has LED light that will protect a vehicle from burglar.

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