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- Component : HC-210D-5L * 2
- Model : HC-210D-5L
- Volume/weight : Dimensions : 21cm * 21cm * 3cm . Weight : 800g . Quantity : 2 per package
- Materials : 1.5mm 100% cold rolled plate(steel)
- Country of manufacture : Republic of Korea
- Manufacturer : KIYEON R&D
- Published year and month : 2013.08
- Quality assurance standards : 1 year (the average duration of usage: 3 years)


KIYEON R&D is a future-oriented company that manufactures kitchen utensils (K-HIT500) by doing out utmost in the core technical development of low carbon eco-friendly kitchen utensils.

Gas fuel is being used more than the electric power. Therefore we are putting our best efforts to improve the function of kitchen utensils and to develop products with thermal efficiency.

There are a couple of inconveniences in terms of the gas stoves used at homes and restaurants. The flames can spread around the burner and the flame also gets easily turned off or flutter in the wind created by fans increasing the consumption of gas fuels and prolonging the cooking time.

KIYEON R&D developed DUBAERO(Gas energy-saving mechanism) related to the Eco Kitchen System and obtained the patent. We are doing our best endeavors to develop a product that can be easily applied to various models of cooking equipment to increase the efficiency of the gas stove. (from 45~50% to 70~80%).

DUBAERO(Gas energy-saving mechanism) was selected as for HIT500 PLAZA Good Products of Korea (from the Small and Medium Business Administration, Small and Medium Business Corporation, and Small Business Distribution Center) and is being sold at Happy Department Store.

Benefits of the Product
◆ Increases thermal efficiency: 20~30% improved compared to the existing products for thermal diffusion
◆ Saves energy: reduces the amount of used gas fuel with improved thermal efficiency
◆ Stronger flames: cuts down the gas bill with shortened cooking time.
◆ Protection against wind: It is easy and convenient to cook outside.
◆ Easy to clean: It is easy to clean the product due to the ceramic coating
◆ CO2 reduction: It is an eco-friendly product that reduces carbon dioxide emission.

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