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* VASOKAN GINKGO as a health functional food that contains ginkgo leaf extract powder
* Natto-kinase, and folic acid uses functional ingredients for blood circulation
* Memory improvement and is easy to be taken
* VASOKAN GINKGO is a representative health functional food of CHO-A PHARM
* Blood circulation and memory improvement through effect

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■Type of food : food supplement

■Producer and Place of Production, indicate importer if applicable : CHO-A PHARM.CO.LTD

    318 Gwangjeong-ro, Haman-myeon, Haman-gun, Gyeongsannam-do, Korea

■Product Weight (Contents) Per Package, Number of Packages : 6TabsX30sachet(30day)

■Material and conten : natto-kinase powder, Ginkgo biloba extract powder, folic acid, etc.

■Nutrition facts Calories : Calories 0kcal, Carbohydrate 0g(0%), Protein 0g(0%), 

  Saturated fat 0g(0%), Sodium 0mg(0%), Flavonol glycosides 32.4 mg

   ※( ) % Nutrient reference values:1 days rate for the nutrient reference values

■ Features Information

     ① That can help improve memory improvement.

     ② It may help to improve blood circulation.

■Dosage, intake method, and caution Dosage, intake method : Take 6 tablets(1Sachet) once a day with water

■Ingestion Notices : Pregnant women, nursing mothers, children and surgery. 

  After the patient is aware of the intake

  Medicines (anticoagulants), taking care Ingestion

  Please indicate the person is allergic to soy intake note.

  Please check the minutes must be sensitive to a specific ingredient ingredients.

 ※This product is not medication for preventing or treating illnesses. 

 ※This product does not contain genetically modified ingredients

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