[Samdaein] Red Ginseg On(120g*2)


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* Product type : Health functional food(red ginseng product)
* Product Construction : 120g x 2bottle
* Product Size : 240mm x 150mm x 75mm
* Product Weight : 950g
* Origin : Korea
* Making/Supply Company : Baekjehongsam Co., Ltd. (OEM)

* Raw materials and content : 6-year-root red ginseng concentrate liquid(Korean production 6-year-root, solid portion over 65%)

  100% (The total of ginsenosideRg1+Rg3+Rb1 is 4.6mg/g)
* Mixing rate of raw red ginseng : Red ginseng root 70%, red ginseng tail 30% Korean production
* Packing material : Glass bottle
* Intake amount and suggested intake : You can take it before or after a meal and depending on your preference, you can add

   honey or other sweeteners, which will make it taste better.

  Take it 3 times a day, either by just taking a spoonful(1g) directly using using the spoon provided or dissolving it in water.
  Children under 15 years of age: take 1/2 the amount of adults, and children under 10 years of age: take only 1/3 of adults.





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