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2014 Republic of Korea Best Luxury concert!
Lee, Sun - Hee Debut 30th Anniversary <song that Lee, Sun - Hee>
Stay up to convey the emotion of a live concert album!
Seoul Sejong Center for the 13 cities, beginning with the 27th nationwide concert tour
Myth 8 months of the last seat sold records!
Concert audience is impressed by the authenticity received 70,000 songs of singer Lee, Sun - Hee!
In 1984 to J 'by 2014' Meet you in that '
30 years a total of 21 national singer Lee, Sun - Hee contained in this exhaustive 2CD hits
Best live album released!
Republic of Korea ultimate diva, the Empress Live! Lee, Sun - Hee!
The concert ended with the country singer Lee, Sun - Hee trek across the past eight months from April to November.
15 Singer Lee, Sun - Hee regular house to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the debut: April to the beginning of the Seoul Sejong Cultural Center and released <Serendipity (SERENDIPITY) is the title track 'to meet you during those'> Daegu, Ulsan, Gwangju, Seongnam, Busan , Bucheon and Jeonju, Anyang, Daejeon, Changwon, Ilsan, Suwon, including recorded last seat sold the myth of a total of 13 cities in 27 performances. 70,000 nationwide audience and concert singer met Lee, Sun - Hee received a hot love to the audience as the best luxury performance in 2014.
The singer's concert seat tickets are sold out last time Lee, Sun - Hee is the ticket shortage has been loved by the best concert of 2014 came about to happen to see a concert audiences alike and that is unchanging voice of singer Lee, Sun - Hee emotional life with the help of her authenticity songs got the consolation of being healed godanham performance was evaluated was gained new strength and courage to start again.
Korean female singer to singer gave unprecedented unparalleled record sewoomyeo the Republic of Korea once again confirmed its presence as a leading diva Lee, Sun - Hee is in recognition of the audience to the continued encore concert tour across the country are now requested to finish Lee, Sun - Hee debut 30th Anniversary concert <singing Lee, Sun - Hee> containing just the excitement of the concert Sejong Center for the concert will be released in the best live albums.

45 Synthetic Orchestra and National Orchestra of senior players, and Sejong Center for the Performing Live Concert Live Album Lee, Sun - Hee of Korea's top musicians have had with her debut song and a 84-year high in 2014 was a popular song greatest hits from the 'J to' 15 song album's title song, "Meet you in its' last 'need to know' 30 years has received a steady her hit songs including Love 'neomgimyeo the pages of memories,' 'the place where love' 'I always for you' 'Lilac is "basis with a smile' eases' Passing the shelves of memories' 'Destiny' 'Oh, O the old' beautiful strong ', a total of 21 are contained in her best hits 2cd album are filled with both.
Lee, Sun - Hee singer singing sound more mature and restrained than its peak through continuous self-management are still outstanding band sound and powerful singing of ballads and her own hit song that tells a clear melodic line with orchestra sound, even now, 30 years cheongahhan 21 songs to rock music can feel like the excitement of live-like sitting on the Sejong Center for the concert. So, this album will be the best live album is the 30th anniversary of the musical life of Lee, Sun - Hee that contained intact.


01. Overture
02. To J
03. Prayer of girl
04. The place where the love
05. I want to know
06. Neomgimyeo the pages of memories
07. I always for you
08. With the hustle and laughter
09. Sunshower
10. Destiny
11. Meet you in that
01. SomeDay
02. When Lilacs quality
03. My street
04. Fine.
05. Like fireworks
06. Conflict
07. Ah! Old O
08. Beautiful Strong
09. I GO
10. TO J(1984 version)

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