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- Features : blood neutral lipid, blood circulation improvement, antioxidant, vision adaption in dark place, mucous membrane formation
- Volume/weight : 30.8mm*17.5mm*4.5mm(90capsule/1box),72g(800mg/capsule)
- Caution : 3 capsules a day/ Take 1 capsule with water
- Import declaration according to Food Sanitation Law : Licensed product by KFDA
- Type of food : Health functional food
- Nutrition facts : Daily intake 2,400mg, calory(20kcl), carbohydrate(0g), protein(0g), fat(2.5g), sodium(0g)
- Ingredients/contents : Pine needle distillate consentrated oil/1,120mg, EPA/DHA/1,270mg
- GM foods : Does not fall under genetically modified organic
- Manufacturer : (주)알피코프 ( RPcorp)
- Date of manufacture : July 31, 2013
- The product is not intented to prevent or cure any disease. : *This product is not medicine for preventing and treating disease.
- Display advertising prior examination : Preliminary review required for labeling and advertising by Korea Health Supplements Association


"Pine needle distillation," a vegetal natural material extracted from pine needles, is an extremely good food that contains 130 types of ingredients that are good for human health as blood circulation, cardiovascular protection, skin cell protection, skin tissue formation, brain cell protection. cranial nerve protection, and immunity improvement. "Rapha Peri Pine Alpha" is a vegetal capsule product containing "pine needle distilattion," and is a health food that received license for efficacies as antioxidant effect(immunity improvement) and blood circulation improvement.

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