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MC Mong, for the fans sing 'SONG FOR YOU'

MC Mong returned.

Last November! 5 years, 6 to comeback album released only 'MISS ME OR DISS ME' (nostalgia or hate) undergo a great love for flexible enough and to spare fans. East album title song 'I miss you' is ranked No. 1 in November of Korea authorized monthly charts heating chart.

Much love to give back to the fans of MC mongeun announced a new album and built the album title as 'Song for you' (Song for You).
This album is the title track 'Love mingles' and' boredom poisoning and two songs' whiter '' DOOM DOOM 'title song inst. Including a total of six songs were recorded.

The title song 'Love mingles' (Feat. Chancellor of the channels) was created in collaboration with composer and singer Yoon Gun. Yoon Gun introduced a loyalty that will willingly appeared in piano performance and music videos directly to MC Mong. Two intense guitar sound as exciting as the main Rock Band song composition, music and traditional songs that MC Mong is another sense of freshness. While the intro begins to play the piano in a concise form, the code Electric Guitar, Bass, Drum, String, etc. All was climbing out of the instrument can feel the intense sound.

Due to a woman and a man make the process of changing the image of the song wit, gives her love lyrics like 'was mingles "The expression itself is added as a new idea comes to life. Is good to hear new songs and re-interpretation of the existing MC Mong bright song.

Second, boredom addiction '(Feat. Sunwoojunga) is a unique and sad voice of a sad piano lines and vague Sunwoo cello playing of a song that starts with a solo Jeong-ah, sad, yet powerful with strong rhythmic blend of rap is a medium tempo ballad a. Remember that love and time, and the song that contains the state of the relationship is gorgeous but sad gwontaeroun is dramatic. Crying like a voice of the string playing and 'Sunwoojunga' sikimyeo rising rap songs are getting the MC Mong, beautiful cello and violin solo is the climax chidatneun to getting harmoniously. Sad song with piano and guitar melody of crying like Sunwoojunga, string, etc., all play climax leads to the ending of the song. Farewell story that everyone can interpret who sympathize with extraordinary sensitivity and even addiction that unique expression of boredom and MC mongman material separation experienced it.

The third song "whiter '(Feat. Richard Parkers) has directed the dreary atmosphere, be gentle piano and acoustic guitar while the overall lead in the middle of the song Mute Trumpet middle tinge. In addition, the overall portion of the song melody with simple String surrounding the listenerCauses and stimulate the lacrimal gland. Is attractive for "Richard Parkers', a strange sense of vocal harmony was completed with lyrics rather sad Dum Dum to embellish released for the breakup.

Fourth songs' DOOM DOOM (DAISHI DANCE TRACK) 'is the most prominent in the genre of Japan' electronica, Shibuya, and Big Bang 'Day by Day', the After School 'Shampoo' and awareness activities also actively followed by Korean fans in South Korea The artist is a very exciting and very high song of the Japanese producers 'DAISHI DANCE' and collaborated with a fast beat track. "It's crazy, '' I love you to death 'and is released by sampling the song of the existing collaboration with MC Mong DAISHI DANCE songs. As a special two lines invisible 'music got me there' interpretation is also the stage light are drawn simply by listening to music that has a one track while, the service track for the fans.
MC mongeun the interaction with the fans going through his beloved music'm sure more will shine through on this album.




사랑 범벅 [Feat. 챈슬러 of the channels]
02. 권태중독 [Feat. 선우정아]
03. 하얗게 [Feat. 리차드파커스]
05. 사랑 범벅 (Inst.)
06. 권태중독 (Inst.)

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