[Soo Young/Girls` Generation] MBC Drama OST (Spring Day)


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* Type: Spring Day OST - MBC Drama (Girls` Generation: Soo Young) * Configuration: DISC1

* Track List

1. 내 생애 봄날
2. Sometime -김태현(딕펑스)
3. I believe -가인
4. I will -감우성
5. 바람꽃 -수영(소녀시대)
6. 그댄 누군가요 – 박재정
7. 봄이 올까요 (feat.딘딘) – 2LSON
8. 있잖아 널 사랑해 – 정준일(메이트)
9. 눈물 비 – 제이엘
10. I will (Acoustic ver)- 감우성
11. Sometime (Acoustic ver)- 김태현(딕펑스)
12. I will (piano ver) – 피아노 : 신지호
13. 따뜻한 봄날
14. 그 곳에 가면
15. With you
16. 우리 언젠가
17. 기억 속 우도
18. 함께 걸어요
19. Warm hands
20. 마음으로 바라보다
21. 푸른, 바다
22. 기적 같은 시간들

* Album Info 

MBC, Thursday miniseries "springtime of my life 'OST
Full disclosure album I Will Acoustic Ver. - Gam Woo Sung

  "A long time that people who do is warm
I will forever remember reminiscing happy for me ... "

  Cold hearts of people losing all my money these days gives the impression to the viewers in a beautiful and touching story of the warm spring sunshine and ceased as a "springtime of my life, the whole album was released the OST.

  Gangdongha hero (Gam Woo Sung min), yibom this (Choi Su-yeong minutes) and 'blue', 'sea' with a heart-warming story of the people around you ceased in the audience of the popular drama viewership over the same time period 1 'springtime of my life' this' Gam Woo Sung released an OST entire album as "a direct expression singing a song to the drama and emotion of the fire love theme song collection of 'I Will Acoustic Ver' the title song.

 With the popularity of the drama OST part song album "springtime of my life 'OST fire moahon is whenever the public' Gam Woo Sung 'is called' I Will Acoustic Ver. 'Luxury vocals to the title track," Cain "and" bakjaejeong' "Kim Tae-Hyun (DickPunks), 'Jeong Joon-Il (mate)', '2Lson', 'Shinji', 'dindin' and 'yibom the' role of 'swimming' to the talented receiving the love and attention of many fans, vocal, musician participate raised the completeness of the album.


Especially the title song 'I will' recent activities in various talented genius pianist played "Shinji" raise awareness that 'I will' Pinao a total of 22 tracks from Version inspiring music dalraejul the big disappointment of 'springtime of my life' fan will be a gift.

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