[DRAMA OST] MBC Tree Mini Series (Hilmi Kill Me)


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* Type: Kill Me, hilmi OST - MBC tree mini series * Configuration: CD1

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MBC tree mini-series "Kill Me, hilmi 'OST album released

MBC tree mini-series of the OST album is released in "Kill Me, hilmi.
Korea's first drama 'seven persons' right man preceded the main character left from year 2015 to the highest hwajejak outset of home theater 'Kill Me, hilmi' drama OST as it is also getting a lot of love.
The album is produced is determined by the request of the drama fans hail hitting the small intestine consists of unreleased songs and background music, which was released on existing sources, such as a bonus track.
Dreamy mood well live the mystery of the 'multiple personality' is material to amplify the commitment of the drama was the title song 'hallucinations' (Jang Jae-in) to be led by anyone not love the theme song driveway current-hearted in their pain because 'Untold secrets "(Myung-Jin Moon), a little heart flutter green love theme song of the hero getting closer towards each other' Healing Love '(f (x) Luna? Lucas seconds), no choice but to hide in love, but it is too precious affectionate feelings confession of Orion theme song, "send thee" (Park Seo-joon), the emotional side started throbbing love romantic films Tohyon well represented origin theme song, "this feeling" (Yu-rim Lee) nopyeojun even more unreleased instrumental, along with and have a maturity of drama , especially singing songs of South heroine 'intelligence' is expected to gather more as a bonus track.

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[DRAMA OST]  MBC Tree Mini Series (Hilmi Kill Me)

1. 환청 (장재인 Feat. 나쑈(NASHOW))

2. Healing Love (루나 (F(x)) & 초이 (루커스))

3. 말할 수 없는 비밀 (문명진)

4. 이런 기분 (이유림)

5. 너를 보낸다 (박서준)

6. 제비꽃 (지성)

7. 환청 (Inst.)

8. Healing Love (Inst.)

9. 말할 수 없는 비밀 (Inst.)

10. 이런 기분 (Inst.)

11. Kill Me

12. I am Shin Se Gi

13. Beyond Recollection

14. Freak

15. Childhood

16. Who Are You?

17. Driving To The Past

18. I Am Cha Do Hyun

19. Heal Me

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