[ICE] The good night pillow pouring high negative ion with buckwheat and natural mineral (basic, rectangle type)


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*materials : 100% cotton of outer bag, 100% polyester of inner bag
*filling : 60% of buckwheat chaffs, 40% of natural dried stuffs and minerals
*shape : rectangle *design : solid color, puzzle stitiching
*use : bedding, camping, nursing
*feature: negative ion therapy
*size : 45 x 22 cm of outer bag, 50 x 25 cm of inner bag
*weight : apprx. 550 ~ 600 g / pc
*grade : basic *negative ion (anion) : 500 ~ 1000 pc/cc
*model no : IREA9001B-rect
*origin: South Korea

* available the inner bag with filling only without outer bag too.

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* each piece(abt. 600 g) is packed in an individual poly bag together with a leaflet
each poly bag is packed in the carton box of size 50 x 30 x 12 cm, abt 800 g /box


* inner bag with filler without outer bag is available too.

Face side

Back side

After packing into the poly bag

What good is the negative ion for our health?

[Natural negative ion (anion) pillow]

1. natural anion effect (500 ~ 1000ea/cc)

2. far infrared rays effects

3. Antibacteriral, Sterilization, mildew exclusion

[The effect of the negative ion buckwheat pillow]

1. The blood becomes to exchange smoothly and so the headache or the migraine  at the medulla afterbrain by blood pressure comes to be palliated, because the negative ion omitted from buckwheat chaffs and natural minerals comes into the inside of the body by breathing, 

2. Through photoelectric ettect in because the far infrared is radiated from the buckwheat chaffs and minerals, is the prickly pain remarkably reduced by way of  acting directly in versus terminalis and peripheral nerve of formation.

3. Deodorizes and clears the mildew on pillow surroundings, formaldehyde (HCHO) smell, and the offensive odor among indoor air.

4. The natural minerals make the negative ion output quantity double or triple .

The negative ion test example for Irea's products: 

test 1 by close attachment                                         test 2 by close attachment

test 3 by 10 cm distance                                            test 4 by 50 cm distance

The test example for our resident areas.

at the veranda of an apartment 19th floor in Goyangsi      at an office of a company in Seongnamsi

at the street in Seongnamsi, Gyeonggido                         at the picnic road in Seongnamsi, Gyeonggido

The test example of some resort areas

at a temple view of Ganghwado,           at a temple entry of Ganghwado, 

The test example for other products:

of pure buckwheat pillow                  of cedar cube pillow                          of latex form pillow

N.B. :

The negative ion data are very fluctuative and variable according to testing day-time, season even at the same spot. Thus the average data by min 3 time testing are regarded as the closest to the real one.

We'd like to recommend this goods especially  to whom are :

1.   living at uncomfortable sleep circumstance like down town residence,  market or office

      areas, factory or school dormitory, hospital group  room,   basement room etc.

2.    weak in health and easy to get tired.

3.    difficult in getting a sleep even at minor noise.

4.    students preparing for the senior schools or university etc.

5.    business men/women who should wake up earlier and go to sleep late.

6.    labors working all knight.

7.   the elder people.

8.   weak at atopy alergy.

Besides above, general sound people even can enjoy relaxing and sweat sleep with this pillow.

Caution in use:

1. to separate inner and outer bag before washing and do water-washing for outer bag only
2. not to make the filler wet when washing inner bag. recommending to wash the outside of  the inner bag with wet towel and dry under sunshine.
3. For those who purchase the inner bag only, not to make the skin touch directly to the inner bag and use after wrapping with outer bag or towel etc.

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