[Samdaein] Red Ginseng Grain Crispy Roll 21(pack)


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* Product type : Red ginseng grain cookie
* Product Construction : 100g(566kcal) (bags)
* Product Size : 130mm x 140mm x50mm
* Product Weight : 140g
* Origin : Korea
* Making/Supply Company : Baekjehongsam Co., Ltd. (OEM)

* Name of the raw materials : Red ginseng powder 0.3%(6-year=root, korean production), unpolished rice(korean production),

   vegetable oil(palm oleic oil/produced in Malaysia), pro cream K,[starch syrup, palm oil(imported one), sweet whey powder

   (milk, imported one), processed butter(produced)in Australia), lactose],corn(korean production),19 grains(korean production/

   black soybean,black sesame,black glutinous rice,pea,mung beans,a kind of small bean,rye,red-bean,buckwheat,hulled barley,

   glutinous millet,white rice,adlay,glutinous rice,kaoliang,haricot,매흑미,sesame,milet)glucose,potato starch,sugar,cheese mixed
   powder[natural cheese(milk/imported one)vegetable oil(partially hardened oil)starch syrup,lactose(milk/produced in USA),sodium

   caseinate(milk)],cream cheese(milk/produced in USA),egg yolk powder(egg),sweet seasoning(soybean,wheat, milk),beef seasoning

   oil,soy sauce powder,oleoresin rosemary,calcium carbonate,refined salt
* Mixing rate of raw red ginseng : Red ginseng root 70%, red ginseng tail 30% 

* Packing material : Polypropylene resin

[Samdaein] Red Ginseng Grain Crispy Roll 21(pack)


[Samdaein] Red Ginseng Grain Crispy Roll 21(pack)


[Samdaein] Red Ginseng Grain Crispy Roll 21(pack)


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