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'Unparalleled female vocalist' spider another makeover, she charges classics again!
Back in 10 months, with a new mini-album, spider, this time a remake album. Imagine a spider always demonstrated a more delicate musical sensibility and classic appeal of male vocalists deep voice on behalf of the 90's through this mini-album thus reborn as a color of its own.
A remake of the first album to be released after the debut spider Paul memory (Fall in Memory) 'of the title track is a pop feel and delicate spider emotional songs in Loose Park Hyo Shin who dominated the 1990s, no one can do' of emotion and sorrowful was reinterpreted as a living voice. This song is finished in a dramatic arrangement captures the energetic luxury found the voice of the spider Loose become rich sound more natural and attractive.

In addition, while cheongah 'I love you' re born with a clear sense, cut sampling techniques to turn it into a complete new song, "broke the next day," Acid punk style 'Romeo & Juliet', which boasts a fantastic Chemie of the manor 'extempore farewell 'to come in the spring will be responsible for further dachaerowo music camp.

Meanwhile, as well as his solo concert theater <immortal genius> Remake of spiders bar introduced to arrange the songs of other artists as well as new versions of songs by artists such as their predecessors have put a story for another ringing within our collect your expectations should deliver.
Then the emotion, the new mini-album, plus the depth of the spider memories, this time with the hope that she charges other memories!



01. 너를 사랑해 (Piano by Eco Bridge)
02. 해줄 수 없는 일
03. 헤어진 다음 날 [Feat. 피타입]
04. 로미오 & 줄리엣
05. 준비없는 이별 [Feat. 영지]
06. 해줄 수 없는 일 (Inst.)

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