[Heartbeat] 1st Mini Album (REMEMBER)


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* Type: heartbeat - REMEMBER (1ST mini-album) * Configuration: CD1

HeartB 1st mini album [Remember]

Saying I want to admit that the music and the ability to batgetda spirited aspirations, did not disclose any information collected vocal group heartbeat sound presentation topics only (HeartB) has released a mini-album and take off the veil finally got hidden.
Heartbeat is a male four-member group that contains the music world as a portmanteau of the heart (heart) and Ballad (Ballad), which means the heart 'will ballads rang the heart.
Hearts rain "Let me choose 'Last December two singles released in January, was recognized as a vocal group skills with a' monologue 'first single,' choose me 'is released simultaneously with the source portal on a real-time queries 1 was ranked second single 'monologue' also won the tone presentation and exceptional performance as a rookie does not disclose any information other than the team name, etc. to record the sound in real time ranking first in the major sites such as Mnet sources at the same time.
On May 6 Mini to be unveiled at the heartbeat album [Remember] is the courage to express love to another name, confession, waiting, longing, promise to album expresses feelings with memories of love, nabwa 'bomta of Seo In Guk 'Seo In Guk - Jia' farewell gender ', Biggs of' error ', Xiah "breath" composed by hit maker, etc. Melo designed the album was born after a long preparation period produced the first album of mellow designs.
Title song 'Bob air' is Biggs of 'error' up-tempo song synthpop ballad with a strong tendency of composing a melodrama design and other traditional ballads and does not hit the drum beats are emphasized differently, '80s-style synth sounds are the typical ballad makes around another new feeling. In addition, the large number of rich orchestration and stimulate the senses, beautiful gasatmal gimjihyang lyricist of nostalgia for the parting of lovers and the deohaejyeo doubling their ballad of the sad emotions. MTV also represent the appearance of tone and manners that are lighter and full of longing man showing the appearance of a man with a yearning shows the emotional state of the heartbeat to express in song apart again, as in the everyday space for farewell that maximizes the mood of the song.
The song was involved with 'I love you say' the last music video starring himself as the leader of the heartbeat Sugawara lyrics that bars the rate of collection of topics that resemble Yim Si-Wan, and by participating in piano byeolha session shows the status as well as vocal artists . Title song 'Bob the air' if the parting of the lovers to express the longing 'words I love you' is the overall sound to break up couples and recalls first meeting, the courage to confess to the analog sensibility live acoustic pop ballad thin nylon guitar lead gives you a feel of courage to confess to feeling like a warm spring feeling. In addition, arrangements have felt pretty charming sound of the ep that surround the song and give a hearing to those with plain fun and feel, the ahryeonham and excitement of first love confession is not well represented by the heartbeat haejugo four emotional vocals and harmonies .
Fluttered in the 'Promise U' is the song too, I love you say 'yes men have to get the mind of one woman with courage to start a love song as an extension of Iran, which has expressed an easy lyric confession. 'Promise U' is Kara, SNSD, announced the representatives to the song of the heart and Tomorrow Cantabile OST recent hit was made famous composer and yijuhyeong to the public from Superstar K category is based singer songwriter co paprok style was well revived songs, twenty putputhan can feel the heartbeat of another attraction.
The other song is "Let me choose" single was released last song, monologue, it is listed, the song was released as a digital single can feel the rain hit four lively sensibility to alive voice different original version.
Hart gave any information to show an unusual appearance as a rookie that does not disclose the rain, the first mini-album in the future of Ballads gwichu as many groups as you release the non-appearance of the heat through the [Remember] is noteworthy addition to the team name.

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