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12 years of waiting ... and the story starts again ...
2. Take regular home Part.1 'TAKE' ...

In April, the threshold of spring as a digital single 'on one spring', many of the group moved to take the emotion comes back as a regular second album Part.1.
2003 first album '1 Story' after nearly two regular groups ahead of the album release in 12 years will take in April, containing the emotion of the warm spring, a talented vocal group bangapgo successful comeback with 'the one spring' The ryeoteumyeo know, this long waiting time and more solid as the regular second album and released Part.1 put Nancy mature musical skills throughout.
Modify pursue music that you can stay for a longer period of time in a comfortable and calm lingering public group that takes the album as an album and announce the end of a long wait endlessly to create multiple songs for this album to be released in 12 years repeated the cardiovascular paid to come to work long hours of music.
In particular, the sensitivity of the take did not show for a long time as a member of the musical was born greedy and put the album title song also was not easy as the selection of the album is the title track and double capacity at the end of many meetings were struggling to look good in front of the public.
2. Take regular home Part.1 first title song 'Tonight' is a ballad composer rookie romantree and take the agency of C. I. ENT producer songyang and the lyricist, composer participated in a medium tempo, sinseunghui, jangseongjae harmony of the two members naemyeo ego between a longing for the old man, leaving only the sweet vocals ropji a song that evokes an atmosphere of vague recollection of the past memories.
In addition, more mature feel to be the second title song of the album that takes the voice of "digression afternoon, the team has produced a songwriter and indie bands to join the tour list, with the song composer, who were meant to send a man to leave loved ones He expressed the sorrowful heart to take only abstinence and cool vocals, beautiful piano melody is clearly hovering in this point in my ears, unlike the sad lyrics of the song.
As well as the lyrics of the song seongonggae 'on one spring', members who participate in the exercise compositional and musical capabilities of their jajakgok sinseunghui is carried on a regular second album to be released in the future part.2 'seasons', 'Good bye' Each part of the two were found on the intro and outro of the album, the more the two figured capture the delicate sensibilities of his own lyrics and melodies, and the expectations for the next album and at the same time dramatic tinge to the configuration in this album put it out.
Also, come take a long time loved by so many music fans, representatives of the group now takes the song "Butterfly grave 'a sinseunghui, sung in two voices jangseongjae 2015 edition of the" butterfly grave (2015)' arrangements newly listed by the album , it is expected to emotional vocals of the original songs are more mature members by this time as it salridoe 10 years later to re-interpret this allows listening to evoke memories and other memories.



02.더 좋은 사람
04.어느 봄날에
06.Good bye
07.나비무덤 (2015)

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