[Elsie/eunjeong] 1st Mini KIHNO Album (I'M GOOD)+Pictorial


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* Type: Elsie (eunjeong) - I''M GOOD (1ST Mini Keno (KIHNO) album) <50P pictorial + MV> * Configuration: - CD1 - <50P pictorial + MV>

Listen to music from your smartphone and watch high-resolution pictorial images (approx 50P)
Directly related to the album and MV teaser viewing on smartphones
Original song karaoke songs (lyrics using moving according to the pitch)
Music video by creating a self-storage and sharing capabilities
Music Cards and Keno-style album cover (Photos) holdings available
The third runner solo tiara eunjeong !!!

Scramble with a new name ELSIE !!!!

Tiara is a member eunjeong delay, Hyomin was followed by a third solo sorties.

Eunjeong has completed the year was innocent yet sexy look sorties in the name of Elsie (Elsie) to show off your new look off the title of Tiara eunjeong transformed into a head-shot long red hair was abandoned trademark.

The title song 'alone pyeonhaejyeot word' emotional vocals by K. featuring participate in focused breathing. The two are one and one beulruji based on a groovy acoustic rhythm endure the parting line in the song is a distinctive feature lyrics.
In addition, songs, tears rain 'and' LOVE EFFECT 'great care directly eunjeong Elsie had chosen this song, which favored a strong vocal abilities.

Keno album is used as a music smartphone with a new concept album on the card type. Keno music through the album, you can enjoy music videos and pictorial images at the same time, of course. In addition, it is also varied distances, such as recording your own voice, or enjoy self-made music videos that can be shared using the original song karaoke.

Keno album collection beyond mere aural capabilities of existing CD (director), and the convenience involved and share (SNS) new music platform covering up.

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