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Merry-go-round full of romantic imagination
Jeongyeop regular third album "Merry Go Round"

Jeongyeop decided the title of the third album with "Merry Go Round". Merry stumbles think the most romantic material. When the merry-go-round ride alone the world is felt as a romantic return soon but I think there is a space in which to stop opponents and me is the explanation. Time of the moving object is going slower than the time of said object is stopped. To experience the magic of a romantic ride through space, time moves in uniform circular motion space ... Carousel alters the space of everyday boring certainly not poisonous to you and me romantically space that is dominated by the magic of time.
Jeongyeop fully unfold the romantic imagination is found in the space of magic called carousel. There seems to be delivered directly introduce the song gave this description of "imagined and wrote the song 'everywhere. "I imagine the song you want to meet and bitter opponents charm ',' If you love to meet someone who would not feel imagined and wrote this song." It is this way. If someone together by law to be weeks of emotional loneliness, jeongyeop is the fullness of romantic imagination created in the main emotion is put Nancy on this album. Fill the background with the free margins, it sings the romantic merry-go-round is put off making a rustling curve to climb.
Jeongyeop through this album is only to prove that excellent choice dedicated to music Fold the daily radio sick. It had secured through their own emotional space isolated from the everyday world, creating music through the extraordinary imagination. Lonely imagination of the time I do not know how inflicts pain to themselves the completeness of the resulting album is high enough to want to wash everything that I have given.

Super sweet jazzy
Yet gentle merriment ...

Ilgam feel from the album is 'jazzy'. Brown Eyed Soul in your solo album in the works, even before the official debut jeongyeop've shown a jazz style often found prominently put a lot of jazz sounds in this album. In addition to the clean, contemporary jazz Super sweet pop melodies to create a soft and delightful songs have figured. Guitar and sax sounds for the Xavi free to add your passions gallop in heunggyeoum.
Jeongyeop first public seems to have shown in a single 'Come With Me Girl', captured the occasional exotic changbeop not unprecedented, without a big change in his vocal strengths. This can also be deployed key elements of the Xia Dynasty interesting this album is not boring.

The title song is 'My Valentine' and 'Island'. Select two opposite of the bright, warm and sad melody with a double title song it was to meet the various tastes of fans.


01.My Style
02.My Valentine
04.A Thousand Miles (With Lisa Ono)
05.Island [Feat. 유니크노트]
07.Love Is Tattoo
08.Come With Me Girl
09.Fallin’ For You

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