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Category: Teen Top (TEEN TOP) - NATURAL BORN TEEN TOP (PASSION) (6TH mini-album) Photo Card Random 1 kinds onpaek] Configuration: - DISC1 - Photo card 1 kinds of random onpaek]

Mystery Boy Teen Top is back! 'NATURAL BORN TEEN TOP' released
Teen Top digestion can only ever class performance "from morning till morning '

The new album 'NATURAL BORN TEEN TOP' Teen Top's coming be released June 22. Since its debut try every trendy and colorful musical transformation and grown on every album, Teen Top is mysterious and colorful original paid its attention to show "Teen Top. In this album, Teen Top is' NATURAL BORN TEEN TOP 'is born from the moment like the album name "Teen Top' music and performances by a mysterious boy, and Teen Top will only win the hearts of music fans by introducing differentiated stage can show.

▶ hit producer and Black Eyed tailored just for winning the title song of Teen Top "from morning till morning '
The title song of Teen Top 'from morning to morning, "the song is tailored just for a long time prepared Teen Top to maximize the appeal of the winning hit producer and Black Eyed Teen Top. "From morning until morning 'is the mind of man can desire this morning alone since her lyrical voice and loves to stand out in a stylish POP DANCE Teen Top songs until the morning, expressed as a sensual and witty lyrics that flutter yeosim.

▶ musical growth of Teen Top, singer-song writer as a leap!
The album will be recorded this jajakgok Nile and the creation of two distinctly feel the musical growth of Teen Top. Joe El sophisticated pop melodies and charming narration "Do not call him" The unique combination of the Nile, easy melody and lyrics created an interesting blend that you can hang humming jajakgok 'five seasons, there are more such as Teen Top is the charm of the singer-songwriter The album can be felt.

▶ PASSION & DREAM special album in two versions containing the various attractions of Teen Top
'NATURAL BORN TEEN TOP' is PASSION DREAM and released in two versions, each can feel the charm of another variety, such as Teen Top's gift to fans of the long-awaited new album, Teen Top Albums by version. PASSION and a special photobook and poster themes that fit differently configured 80P DREAM (1 Classification version) and is only (the more random one kinds), special photo card of 14 species that can meet only through the album and more. Like the title of the not to be missed is the title track of all this lavish capture the look of a colorful Teen Top 'from morning to morning, "the album alone will flutter the hearts of the fans 24 hours.




02.아침부터 아침까지 (ah - ah)
03.5계절 (5 Seasons)
04.그 전화 받지마 (Please)
05.I Love it
06.헷갈려 (Confusing)

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