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Category: Kim Tae Woo - Vol. 3 [T-ROAD] Composition: Kim Tae Woo - Vol. 3 [T-ROAD]

Kim Tae Woo T-ROAD

Singer Kim Tae Woo, walked debut 17 years of age he is god far from the road, the road is going to walk today, you have to walk and sing the way forward.
Who mworaedo steadily and silently walk the path of Kim Tae-woo getdaneun own, and this album's most beautiful Kim Tae Woo Kim Tae Woo professed that time began to showcase the music. He participated in the lyrics or the composer songs, featuring the Legion, his hands manually to undergo a delicate part of the music video was born, his 名品 other quality recordings. Indeed, intend to Nancy music!
1 Intro [T-ROAD]
The overall color and playing songs is the implied message of this album. In particular, the story of Kim Tae Woo has played coming out over the vast blends intact the emotions he felt when creating this piece.

2 resemble Lee
Listening to believe "Kim Tae Woo Table 'epic! Grand scale, yet emotionally captivating the ears' you resemble Lee is a double title song of the album and the song that opens the prelude.
The synergy of the composer yihyoseok and hamkkehan Kim Tae Woo songs stand out a long time, it is impressive their sense of lyrical poetic lyrics are filled as it is. Lyrics in nature and refers to 'you' and 'you', captured the hearts of longing for nature does not change the weather wrought.

3 Lonely Funk (feat. Jay Park)
This is not to hear even once the world 'Lonely Funk' even once, you will not have it!
'Lonely Funk' to hear the moment, addictive chorus and a strong butt section is an exciting funky rhythms can be a fascinating experience deulsseokyineun. Title song 'Lonely Funk' is the perfect funky rhythms and upbeat guitar sound was born in the cool brass harmony, which allows listening to a song that reminds me of the 'Old School (Old School)'.
BoA? Lee Seung Gi? Dynamic Duo? Bumkey such as trendy singer and composer team on match breath ZigZag Note guitarist Optics, and Baek Ji Young? SHINee? Airlie work as one-to-Face (2face) raised the completeness of the participating songs. Here's the fun of Kim Tae-woo wrapping table deohaejyeo Funky Soul and Jay Park shows what a truly 'Perfect Harmony'. In particular, the two can be together if the Funky (Funky) Kim Tae-woo world of comics? And youthful to reconstruct the music video enjoy more fun.

4 Sweet (feat. Zhu)
'Honey' vocal cords with a variety of attractions such as Kim Tae Woo chameleon. Sweet Honey in the voice of Kim Tae-woo can definitely worth it attractive as chief sonkkophil.
'Sweet' is a sweet acoustic guitar duet with lovely lyrics are added to the EP Urban R & B genre. 8eight Kim Tae-woo and then Zhu Xi is at first sight as a love song born to meet all of those people that was expressed alkongdalkong a lovely moment. Like the feeling of being pushed out of listening to the real lovers secretly UP daldalhan even then the atmosphere of the song.
"Like" bulletproof Boy Scouts, 'Hold me' and wrote a lyrical song with Slow Rabbit Pdogg, and the Supreme Boi wrote, 'Love Rain', 'echo', 'should I! If you yes! 'And that created a love song that personality Kim Tae-woo is anticipated to take a lyricist.

5 river park area
The voice that refreshing wit lyrics written by Han Tae Woo material deohaejyeo a spoon was born a new "Han song '. Two "river park area, also has a team composed with ZigZag Note, a refreshing blend of acoustic guitar and light rhythm of the song is the charm point. Deohaejyeo the harmonica and whistle a song to the illusion that as if in the river park area.

6 My Way (feat. Yoon)
Kim Tae Woo of the way, [T-ROAD] worthy of the title of the album 'My Way' is a song to convey your gratitude to the fans who with 17 years is the time. Two as one is working with Yoon Do Hyun lyrics of 'more, we walk together as much as two hours hamkkehan until now, "Kim Tae-woo, as well as an emotional ballad to be hard to top them all tired of the world. The overall flow and reminds the musician of pop ballads 8-90's, a chorus of pouring Liar makes complete sense in the second half of the rich sound of the two. 'My Way' Kim Tae Woo of the more mature musically over the past, let's enjoy the present and future.

7 light music
'The music light down -' 'The challenge in the second of Love Rain'!
"Light Music" is the track's trademark bright aura and the energy of Kim Tae Woo overflowing with 'Chronicles class.
Listening alone will feel the positive energy Fak was charged with the melody Good.
That the music of light, how positive impact to the people, how that music occupies a large part in the life of Kim Tae Woo can be sent directly through this song.

8 Pokettokoirumattoresu youngest lever (feat. Denian)
March seongonggae to the public and first met 'Pokettokoirumattoresu lever youngest' is a song, such as giving a gift Kim Tae Woo fans. POP lovely synth sounds and songs to groove a bit charming, eternal age of the youngest of Kim Tae Woo can not escape like a "Mobius strip" which blends the humorous lyrics.
The composition of the ZigZag Note Optics, god, the youngest songwriter Kim Tae Woo and third denian added directly to the authenticity of the participating songs. Plenty express the hearts of gratitude and love for the fans in the style of Kim Tae Woo was even then wrap up the mood of the song of god denian.

9 more if
"If the two" last digital single was released in December 2014 Kim Tae Woo songs directly work clothed it came up with the lyrics represented by the color of their own in the beautiful melody, even if this love alone, not even cold ', contains the lyrics. Listening to the sweet melody itself is comfortable daldalhan bossa nova songs.
Especially this song to participate in the roaring, Twinkle Girls of domestic composers have composed six? Arranger and composer of numerous international affiliated baechulhae figured Jam Factory hits (Jam factory) of the exo (EXO) raised the completeness of the song. In addition, the nation's top session musician guitarist hongjunho, sinseokcheol drummer, bassist nodeokrae, working with musicians such as piano yihyoseok to naerora and created the best sound.

10 Lonely Funk (DJ ver.)
This is the title track of the album 'Lonely Funk' to a re-interpretation of the funky sound tracks to EDM. If you listen with the original version of 'other songs, such as feeling "it is also a song that proves the change should matchless music on this pick. We expect all to easy wealth addiction that can fly as much as chorus and a bit cool in the intense summer heat of the summer night clubs along spread and resonate in the party 'Lonely Funk'.


01.Intro [T-ROAD]00:01:30
02.널 닮으리00:05:48
03.Lonely Funk [feat. 박재범]00:03:40
04.달콤 [feat. 주희]00:03:45
06.My Way [feat. 윤도현]00:03:42
08.뽀레버막내 [feat. 데니안]00:04:03
10.Lonely Funk (DJ ver.)00:03:40
11.Lonely Funk (inst.)00:03:40
12.널 닮으리 (inst.)00:05:48

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