[Thinkeco]agizag_Organic GAUZE MUSLIN FACE TOWEL for baby


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*Model : [Thinkeco]agizag_Organic GAUZE MUSLIN FACE TOWEL
*Volume/weight : Labeled Separately / 6g (Margin of Error ±5%)
*Recommended age : All Ages
*Colors : 미색 (Line Color: Khaki, Orange, Gold, Ivory, Brown)
*Materials : Cotton (Organic Cotton) 100% *Country of manufacture : Republic of Korea *Manufacturer : ㈜윌비스 자연생각
*Published year and month : 2013-06
*Handling precautions : Washing at high temperature can damage fabric.
*Quality assurance standards : 1-year warranty from date of purchase.


Gauze fabric is an efficient quick-drying fabric with high permeability that is often used by hospitals for medical purposes.
[Agizag] Organic Gauze Face Towel that is made by overlapping two good-sized organic gauze fabric which is considered as one of the highest quality organic fabrics.
The more you wash a gauze fabric, the softer it gets! Organic sprout gauze fabric is also used in many other T-eco products such as
[Healthy Mom]organic cotton washable shoe pad,
[Agizag]organic gauze Korean-styled coat
[Agizag] organic gauze double-sided sleeping vest
[Agizag]한지사organic mask,
[Agizag]organic gauze blanket,
[Agizag]organic gauze face towel
[Agizag]organic gauze scarf bib. Organic sprout gauze can be used by moms and infants.
Organic sprout gauze fabric not only has superior quick-drying and permeable properties, but it also becomes cool in summer and warm in winter.
Gauze fabric is also an effective antibacterial fabric that can prevent bacteria from growing and removes odors.
In the case of toddlers with no teeth yet, you need to clean inside the mouth with a face towel but you probably shouldn’t use any towel.
[Agizag] organic gauze face towel was made safely and cleanly and even received certifications so you can use it worry-free.
[Agizag] organic gauze face towel comes in 5 color lines.
Here is a tip when you use
[Agizag] organic gauze face towel: You can maintain even better hygiene by using a different color towel for each body part.
For example, orange towel for the mouth, brown for the hand, khaki for the face, and so on.


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