[ATOPALM]Atopalm MLE top to toe body wash 300ml


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*-volume and weight:: 300ml
*main facts to a product :for all skin types
*use period or use period after opening : 24 months from the date of manufacture before opening, within 12 months after opening
*manufacturer or seller : Neopalm
*manufacturing country : the republic of korea
*Finished an exam by Korean Food and Drug Administration: not applicable

*It is
important for sensitive skin to cleanse moistly with sligtly acid product
without stimulus

*moist skin texture without tightening even after cleansing! Atopalm MLE

*product characteristics

01. non-additive of sulphate series' surfactant, the use of hypo-allergenic
natural cleansing ingredient

02. keep skin moisture after cleansing by applying patented MLE

03. You can feel more at ease with a slightly acir product of pH 5.5 pH 5.5

04.completed the stimulus test of dermatology ,null-additiveness of
ingredients toxic to skin

*how to use

after wetting your whole body with tepid water, pump proper amounts of
it on shower towel or your hands and wash out softly like a massage. Because
smooth feeling remaining after washing out is the moisture layer forming to
prevent an excessive removal of fat, you can take it easy. Iin the case of
infant, it's good to use it to his/her head and face, whole body together.

[ATOPALM]Atopalm MLE top to toe body wash 300ml
[ATOPALM]Atopalm MLE top to toe body wash 300ml[ATOPALM]Atopalm MLE top to toe body wash 300ml[ATOPALM]Atopalm MLE top to toe body wash 300ml

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