[CLEOMEE] Shiny Queen's Milky Cream (50ml)


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* Volume : 50ml
* Expiration date : 12 months after opening (Date of Manufacture : 29. April. 2015)
* Direction
At the end of basic care process in the morning and at night, apply and spread. Tip) You can use not only on your face but also on arms, legs, neck and whole body in the same way.
* Manufacturer: Welcos(KOR), Marketing Authorization Holder : Cheonyu Cosmetics Co.,Ltd
* Country of Manufacture : Rep. of Korea
* Major Ingredients : Donkey Milk, Cyclopentasiloxane, Butylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol...
* Main Specifications : [Whitening Improvement] approved by KFDA
* Effective ingredient : Niacineamide
* Direction/quantity : Apply and spread on your skin
* Effect/Efficacy : Helping skin whitening
* Cautions : Stop using when red marks, swelling, itchiness, or irritation occur.
* Quality assurance standards : Not refundable after opening the package
* CS center :82)70ー8826ー0997

(Whitening functional cosmetic) The essential product for women who want to change their facial tone! This is a whitening functional radiant cream which makes skin snow-white and moisturizes like donkey milk. Applying this waterdrop fomula cream, you can see the little water drops on your skin and then your dry skin absorbs this hydrating complex of water drops. As if your skin contained water, subtle brightness helps to have bright and clean moisture-radiant make-up. If it is used before the application of base coat, it helps skin-tone equalize. The rich moisture of donkey milk & donkey oil makes the effect of make-up and effective skin care all at the same time.

* Domestic donkey milk 68% highly contained, intense moisturizing effect With highly contained the extract of domestic donkey milk(68%), effective on supplying moisture, moisturizing and skin protection. The moisture power of donkey milk & donkey oil keeps skin moisturized. * No exhausted look on your skin! Bright and clean face all day long. Capsules in water gel formula burst out into whitening elements helping correct the skin tone.

* Skin care and make-up effect all at once~ Moisture foundation cosmetic +skin whitening radiant cream = Complete glow make-up makes you look like you are not wearing make-up * No six ingredients No Phenoxy Ethanol, No GMO, No Benzophenone, No mineral oil, No ethanol, No Talc

[Cleomee] Dr.Donkey Minimal Bath & Shampoo

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