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Bebefood Classic Rice Rusk  (6 months+)

Contents : 20g / 80kcal organic rice 100% (domestic production)

Taste is good and it is good for health too!

We make even considering about health aside from taste to which babies will prefer.

Domestically grown organic rice

It was made carefully selecting domestically grown organic rice.

A simple recipe

It is a light and soft snack neither made with sugar, salt and wheat flour nor frying in oil.


It was made into size that can hold by the hand then eat melting well with spit through experience to chew by a baby in person.

A exclusive recipe for infants

It is manufactured with a custom-made recipe for a suckling infant, thus nutrition necessary for our babies is provided.

Sanitary manufacture

It was manufactured at the hygienic facilities selected with a complicated standard.

  1. Snack dedicated for a suckling infant that was made with strictly selected materials.
  2. It is mild snack proper for babies to eat not putting sugar, oil and salt.
  3. It contributes to healthy eating habits of babies for it is made only with domestically grown organic rice.

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