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Bebefood Sesame Oil  (7 Months+)

Contents : 75ml (620kcal) sesame 100% (domestic production)

Sesame oil for infants

Sesame oil dedicated for a suckling infant that is clear and clean that babies can eat without anxiety.

100% domestically grown materials

We made only with carefully screened domestic production sesame.


We conduct benzopyrene examination to make our babies take only safe sesame oil.

A custom-made recipe for infants

Together with juvenile cooking specialists, we have developed into the best-suited recipe to make babies take deliciously.


We introduce cutting-edge engineering method so preserve nutritive elements and taste proper to sesame oil as it is.

Sanitary manufacture

It is manufactured at the hygienic facilities selected with a complicated standard so you can feel further relieved.

  1. It is pure and trusted sesame oil children can relish without anxiety.
  1. Only contains carefully selected Korean sesame.
  1. It is safe sesame oil conducted a benzopyrene inspection.
  1. The exclusive recipe for children developed with baby food researcher.
  1. Ensured safety as manufacturing takes place in an HACCP-certified facility.

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