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* Activation of hypodermal cel
Creation of colagen and energy
Improvement of skin tone
Pore-tightening and anti-aging care
Improvement of suppleness and wrinkle
* DC : 24V/0.54A(100V~24V), 50/60Hz
* 8W
* LED : 630nm
* made in korea
* Size : MASK 184 X 232 mm, thickness 16.5 mm
* How to use : Skin care is a simple operation can be self-1 day, 20 minutes before bedtime Use / Reliable management of 165 high-quality LED use / Help the absorption of the various functional cosmetics.
LED mask one used three kinds of wavelength - RED: Care System (tightening, uniform skin tone)/ BLUE: Beauty System (sensitive skin concerns, Intensive Care) / RED & BLUE: Total Care System (skin hydration enhancement, multi-Care)


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