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- Totally neutralizes chlorine and chloramines in your shower water; meets the de-chlorinating requirements of the EPA's Clean Water Act & environmentally safe; special natural DOLKI ceramic ball makes water molecule smaller and can also energize water to improve hydration
- Simple design to see the filter working through transparent housing and easy to know when you have to change the filter. Easy to install with both mounted and hand-held shower head designs
- Uses Vitamin C as de-chlorinating agent; it's is 100% pharmaceutical food grade; helps to improve the condition of skin and texture of hair
- Replaceable cartridge filter life of up to 2,642 gal (10,000 liters) ; easy to replace the filter cartridge
- Your order includes: Vita-Fresh Shower Filter with 2 vitamin c filter, teflon tape(for easier install), instruction manual, product guide

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* Vita Fresh Shower Filter, the original vitamin c inline shower filter, is a patent pending product in Korea.

* Unlike other imitations, this is an original high quality product and totally neutralizes the residual chlorine in your shower water.

* It releases the exact amount of Vitamin C to neutralize chlorine and chloramine and helps improve the condition of your skin and hair. It's perfect for people sensitive to residual chlorine.

* Also, it will helps relieve skin irritations, itching, dry skin, damaged hair, scalp irritations, and other symptoms caused by residual chlorine.

* Vitamin C meets the provision of EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Clean Water Act and it is an ideal environment-friendly dechlorinating agent.

* It has a simple & attractive design to see the filter working thanks to its transparent housing, making it easy to know when to change the filter cartridge.

* Special natural DOLKI Ceramic Ball makes the water molecules smaller and can also energize the water to improve hydration.

* Easy to install the product (1/2 "pipe size - International standards) on existing shower faucets (Shower arm and fixture).

* You don’t have to replace your existing shower head.

* Replaceable cartridge life up to 10,000 liters and easy to replace it.

* The product includes 1 original filter, 2 refill filters, 1 teflon tape, installation guide, and product manual.

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