[Mikeep]Polar Bear Tea Infuser


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* Product Name : Polar Bear Tea Infuser
* Import registered according to Food Sanitation Act
* Manufacturer : Mikeep
* Made in China(oem)
* Size : Silicone 25x50x29mm, Stainless 23x61mm
* Weight : 36g
* Person in Charge of Warranty: Jungeol Kwon 070-4680-3272

*This is a tea infuser with cute character of polar bear.
*Made of silicone, stainless, etc.
*Please notice that among the various options, it includes ONLY 1 of POLAR BEAR tea infuser.

It's a tea infuser that holds tea for infusing. It has a cute character design and is made with platinum silicon and stainless steel that do not produce any harmful material to humans. Its portable size allows you to have a fun tea time anywhere anytime.

The product's unique handle allows it to be placed on any shape of cups without slipping off. Mikeep is a genuine Korean brand. MIKEEP Polar Bear Tea Infuser product description

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