[Magnetopia] Magnetic Word Cards 120pcs


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Age of children: at least 3 years old
Material : PLA,EVA,Magnet
Size : 380x280x145mm
Country of Origin : Korea
KC Safety Mark : B361A040-7003A

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This is the magnetic Hangul words card product through which the children learn Korean words by attaching or detaching them.


1. Components of product: magnetic word card (120 pieces of actual image card and 120 pieces of Hangul words), storage bag
2. 10 different themes: insect, fruit, animal, nature, object, bird, food, body, vegetable, transport
3. The pieces of magnetic word cards are made of the eco friendly starches from the corn.
4. As the pieces are 4mm thick, they are easy to catch.
5. It helps the children to grow their perception capability while attaching and detaching the pieces on the surface where the magnet is attached.
6. The plastic storage box is convenient for storage of pieces after play.
















 - Keep the product away from source of fire.

 - Keep the product away from the mouth of children.

 - Avoid the product from the direct sunlight.

 - Make sure that it is not wrinkled by hand.

 - Keep the product away from the credit card or any magnetic things.



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